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4 November 2021


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This is the 2nd annual edition of the only international PropTech event in South-East Europe. This is the only place and time you can get to know the PropTech & property ecosystems in the SEE region. We are fast-speed engine for deal generation. The only source of Market Intelligence information, and the only place to get direct contact to key players in 12 country markets: Bulgaria, Germany, Slovakia, Belgium, Austria, Italy, Hong Kong & China, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, and counting.

You simply can’t afford missing it!

Event Scope

Office as a Service

  • Solving the pandemic challenges through technologies
  • Matchmaking & Networking between CSEE tech companies and property developers, real estate agencies
  • 70+ tech solutions in 5 categories
  • These 5 categories are:
  • Tenant Engagement + Flex Spaces + Property Management
  • Facility Management
  • Investor Relations + Portfolio Management + Asset Management
  • Sales + Transactions
  • HealthTech

European Markets

  • Market entry specifics
  • PropTech profile of the countries
  • Construction & Real Estate trends & PropTech profile of countries. Participating countries: Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong & China, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia, Spain, and counting

Future proof Retail

  • Solving the pandemic challenges through technologies
  • Matchmaking & Networking between CSEE tech companies and property developers, shopping center developers
  • 30+ tech solutions in the following 5 domains
  • Energy Efficiency + Air Quality
  • End-to-end Leasing + Transactions
  • HealthTech
  • Shopping Center Performance
  • Managing online-offline consumer reach, and taking advantage of ecommerce
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Meet our 2021 speakers


Sylvia Pavlova MBA CMC is the Founder of PropTech Bulgaria - the one-stop-shop for everything which concerns PropTech in Bulgaria. PropTech Bulgaria is the national PropTech association of Bulgaria and the driver behind uniting the South-East European PropTech. Since 2018 PropTech Bulgaria represents the country in all major international PropTech organizations.

Sylvia Pavlova is an international startup mentor of MBAs who want to undertake the entrepreneurial development track. For 8 years now she has been a mentor to startups from the UK, Greece, UAE, Bulgaria, Austria.

Sylvia achieved her MBA degree with OUBS, the UK in 2013. The MBA ranks in top 1 % of MBA degrees in the world. She also holds degrees in Commerce & Management and Law. Since 2016 Sylvia Pavlova has had an internationally certified management consultant (CMC) status in Strategy and Business Development. She was part of the Strategy departments of large holding companies in construction and ITC.


The goals of PropTech Slovakia in Slovakia and abroad are:
• promoting innovation, expanding a healthy competitive PropTech market and protecting intellectual property rights at home and abroad,
• support for PropTech start-ups and scale-ups and investors at home and abroad,
• development of cooperation between PropTech providers and construction and real estate companies and with public state and local authorities and institutions,
• training and development of cooperation with the academic sector and associations,
• development of a PropTech community in Slovakia and abroad.

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Chiara Tagliaro investigates digitalization and new ways of working and their impacts on people and the built environment. Her cross Atlantic experiences allowed her to increase the awareness and impact of her research in both real estate theory and practice. She works as a post-doc researcher at Politecnico di Milano within the Real Estate Center, where she is currently responsible for a few research and consultancy activities, including the coordination of the Italian PropTech Network. She aims at developing new strategies and innovative technologies to drive workers, organizations, and cities toward a more sustainable future.

Chiara will share the results of the Italian PropTech Monitor, a study that the Italian PropTech Network – IPN (within the Real Estate Center of Politecnico di Milano) conducts yearly since 2018 to keep track of the PropTech expansion in the country and abroad. The Monitor shows how PropTech is gaining momentum in Italy, even if with some delay compared to other European counterparts. At the same time, the Monitor demonstrates some of the strengths and weaknesses of the PropTech national ecosystem. The activities and events organized by the IPN aim at addressing the most urgent issues that are slowing down the PropTech development. However, a lot of work still needs be done, especially to internationalize the local real estate investments and operations.

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Only 3.7% of funds globally are Impact Funds due to the strict criteria for this certification.

But the EY Green deal and its investing requirements will make it more and more an imperative for funds to be Impact funds.

What is an impact fund? What are the criteria to be certified? How do we measure the success and performance of an Impact Fund and the companies it invests in?

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In late 2016, blackprint Booster was initiated as the first continental European PropTech Accelerator to support innovative business models in the real estate industry. The company is located in Frankfurt am Main, Germany and has a total of 18 alumni teams, making it one of the most significant early-stage PropTech investors in the world. Since then, blackprint Booster has established itself as the go-to-place for PropTech in Germany. As a network platform, blackprint Booster connects PropTech companies, established corporates and venture capitalists in order to drive digitization, innovation and sustainability for the construction & real estate industry.

Blackprint offers a range of services to the industry’s various stakeholders, including its award-winning "Sustainability- and Tech-Scouting", which identifies and analyzes the partner‘s individual needs and provides innovative solutions accordingly. This service was recognized as a best practice innovation in the 4th ZIA Innovation Report (Germany). In addition, blackprint Booster hosts the REAL PropTech – the leading conference on innovation & digitization in the real estate industry – and initiated the first PropTech Germany Study in collaboration with an university.

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The pandemic has certainly speeded up the tech adoption within the real estate industry. The industry players have reached a crossroads of resisting or embracing technology. This session aims to discuss the wider digital transformation of Asia's real estate industry and to identify the emerging PropTechs in Hong Kong and China.

Rachel Yuen is the Innovation Manager of Asia PropTech, dedicated to create an ecosystem synergizing the forces and knowledge from Property Technology (PropTech) startups, real estate players and investors to co-create ideas and solutions. She has been connecting and driving collaborations with over 100 startups and real estate developers in the Asia region, such as India, Malaysia, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia.

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Julia is an entrepreneur at heart with a strong passion for all things proptech and IoT. She is the visionary behind RYSTA, a cutting edge IoT startup delivering mission critical data to the real estate industry. Julia is driven by the desire to use tech for good, to advance people and the built world we live in.

Julia has a diverse background to draw upon, having been involved in journalism, tech, telecommunication and media, and having practised as an attorney at law. She worked for the German Federal Ministry of Economics, two major international law firms and VIACOM before pursuing her own entrepreneurial interests. Prior to RYSTA, Julia was Head of Business Development for Caremondo, playing a pivotal role in securing over 200 business partnerships for the high growth German tech startup.

In 2019, RYSTA was selected as one of 4 companies to join the InNEVator startup program in Reno, Nevada, and the Copenhagen based Urbantech Program dedicated to accelerating the development of sustainable cities and under Julia’s guidance has been recognised internationally on numerous occasions.

Julia is a regular speaker at international proptech events and was featured by Business Punk watchlist as a Top Ten ‘mover and shaker’ in the real estate & mobility industry.

RYSTA is on a mission to create healthy and sustainable buildings for ourselves and our children.

Since the onset of the pandemic schools and businesses have struggled to offer safe spaces for people to gather and work collectively.

Ventilation is proven to be one of, if not the best measure to prevent virus transmission indoors. However, occupancy and ventilation characteristics differ in each room so it's difficult to know when to ventilate, and for how long, to keep the air safe.

RYSTA Protect, our CO2 traffic light and air quality monitor, helps schools and businesses ventilate optimally to improve air quality and reduce virus transmission risk. This creates a healthy working environment fostering inner peace, better concentration and promotes a sense of community.

By alerting room occupants to air quality through the CO2 traffic light, RYSTA Protect helps people to ventilate optimally. This offers several benefits:
• Certainty that schools and businesses are offering safe working spaces and that they can remain open
• Peace of mind for room occupants so they can work and learn collectively carefree
• Reduced heat loss through optimally adjusted ventilation
• Good indoor air promoting concentration and counteracting allergies and illnesses

Our in-house developed IoT platform features sensors, analytics and frontends. Each sensor measures CO2 concentration, temperature, humidity, noise, brightness and pressure. This data gives us transparency into our buildings and can be used to understand room occupancy, reduce mould risk, reduce energy consumption and more.

Data is at the heart of what RYSTA does. Since each sensor measures 6 metrics, we can measure as many metrics and data points that are feasible for each customer. Additionally, our adaptable platform can be tailored to many use cases.

RYSTA is designed to monitor entire buildings rather than covering single rooms. Customers can see data from across all their rooms through the dashboard. Data sets for learning and improving services can also be made available to third parties such as insurance and utility companies.

At this stage, schools (in Germany) are primarily using the solution - from kindergarten to secondary schools.

Our customers tell us that:
• Teachers and pupils jointly take responsibility for when to ventilate - creating a sense of community and helping fearful kids because they don’t have to rely on the teacher who might be too busy teaching in order to pay attention all the time
• RYSTA helps that there is clarity (and no arguing) for exactly how long windows need to stay open
• They learned that the outside weather, class size and age of the pupils matter a lot; they also learned about the importance of cross airing
• The dashboard gives additional insights previously unknown (e.g. heating/cooling behaviour of a room/building throughout day/night, room occupancy)
• The wall-mounted traffic light sensor is discreet yet clear with only visual and no acoustic alerts for uninterrupted teaching, specifically designed for learning and working environments

RYSTA is also being used for room climate monitoring in server rooms in Australia, through our in-market partner

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Hannu helps the investors and managers to create better value for their retail assets and he is a recognised expert in the leading retail real estate and property technology forums.

Hannu is also a founding member of PropTech Finland initiative, a serial PropTech entrepreneur and earlier he has worked at Fiskars - the leading Nordic consumer brands company.

His strengths are combining technology management and industry knowledge with softer values in sales and marketing. Hannu holds a MSc in industrial engineering and management from Lappeenranta university of technology.

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About Adam
Adam Korbuly is the key founder of OrthoGraph. Adam is an Electrical Engineer by profession, but worked always as a software developer from the age of 12. As an employee of Graphisoft in 1998 invented ArchiFM, the first BIM CAFM and CMMS software system (at that time BIM was called Virtual Building). This system became the market leader in Hungary and is used all around the world with success. In 2005 Adam made a spin-off of the ArchiFM department and established an own company that has grown continuously since then.

During project implementations that Adam personally participated in it became clear that one of the strongest pain points of each individual system implementation is the lack of valid building data. Neither the floor plans, nor the asset inventory are valid at typical projects, even if they exist at any level. That's what brought Adam with his friend to establish OrthoGraph as a mobile and web technology focusing on democratizing the BIM Digital Twin for facility and maintenance management services.

Adam still participates in sales, project services, technology developments related to the project implementation to be able to effectively fulfill the growing demand for OrthoGraph's services by involving a continuously growing service and strategic development partner network.

About OrhtoGraph
OrthoGraph is a BIM ecosystem for creating and maintaining the digital twin of facilities, during the total building lifecycle, unbeatable quick and still on a low cost. It delivers a high quality and precise, always up-to-date 3D model with graphical inventory, available both on-site and in the cloud, and all integrated with your IWMS system.

OrthoGraph’s BIM ecosystem delivers real-life graphical building and inventory data during the total building lifecycle, always at hand. Highly reducing facility management costs by digitizing property data and workflows with low-cost, accurate as-built survey technology, all integrated with your IWMS system.

Many CAFM+CMMS projects fail before their start due to the high entry barrier of collecting digital building data and the high cost of keeping that data up to date. OrthoGraph’s BIM ecosystem delivers real-life graphical building and inventory data during the total building lifecycle, both on-site and in the cloud. Highly reduces facility management costs by digitizing property data and operation workflows with low-cost, accurate as-built survey technology, run by your maintenance crew, all integrated.

OrthoGraph is already used by Hospitals (e.g. largest Hospital-University in Hungary - Semmelweis University), Universities (e.g. University of Public Service, Széchenyi István University), construction companies (e.g. Futureal), production companies (e.g. in BOSCH's largest production plant) and many other modern thinking large property owners, who understand the importance of increasing the performance of building operation while reducing their related costs.

OrthoGraph has won several international awards being "The most innovative company of the year" and "App of the year" several times by EBEA, "One of the most influencing global innovations in Real Estate" by KPMG, and 2nd most emerging proptech in CEE just to name some.

To understand the speed and feel the effectiveness of capturing an existing building into operational BIM graphically with high accuracy: it is about 1000-2000 sqm / day / surveyor and 500-700 inventory items daily per surveyor, and this can be multiplied by the number of surveyors.

OrthoGraph is an integrated system that can support any kind of CAFM, CMMS, BMS or any system that needs access to the live building data - let it be a datasource or to provide graphical access to it in 2D or 3D. The system already has integrations with Planon and ArchiFM as leading BIM IWMS software solutions.

Info on buildings/projects OrthoGraph operates in what kind of issues OrthoGraph solves, especially ones related to Covid-19
OrthoGraph is mainly a technology provider to support building surveying, inventory and operation services in an integration with third-party technologies. OrthoGraph directly only participates in pilot projects of system implementations, and then hands over the full projects to their local and global partners. OrthoGraph Enterprise technology has been used in several successful projects at the largest property owners, hospitals, universities, shopping malls, office houses and production facilities. At all of these projects removing the long lasting entry-barrier of reality capture by using simple and rugged tools and workflows ensured instant ROIs of all project costs for the end-users and a strong base for scaling up the results to the total properties.

OrthoGraph technology is available worldwide either supported by the continuously growing international partner network of OrthoGraph or served directly with the strength of the company's HQ resources. OrthoGraph is looking for international partners that can provide local services related to reality capture, CAFM consultation, business process reengineering and local training services. The model is beneficial for all participants of the chain including most importantly the end-users, who can expect a 3-6 times ROI for the first year of implementation, and a 15 times ROI for 3 years of system implementation and usage. This is achieved by accurate surface and inventory data for rental, refurbishment/renovation, maintenance and regular operation services of any kinds of buildings. Interestingly in the era of industrial use the BIM generated by the CAFM services can be further used to support the machinery maintenance, greatly reducing the downtimes and repair times of production equipment. This means the facility management services provide well visible value generation in the effective production performance of such companies.

In response to COVID-19 OrthoGraph contains a new feature that helps planning the arrangement of offices, workplaces by graphically displaying if they are too close to each-other. This simplifies the graphical planning of the arrangements keeping social distancing, all-this on-site where the particular utilization of such arrangements should be applied.

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The reason to undertake making these maps is very simple: when we tried to figure out how Eastern Europe is being positioned on international level in PropTech, we found no information in one place which explicitly and clearly displays the big picture, particularly the number of PropTech companies in different geographical regions; which are the most dominant continents in PropTech (based on nr of generated tech solutions); how different European regions differ when compared to each other, and most importantly what the position of Eastern Europe is.

Eastern European Funding in Numbers: How EE Stands

McKinsey (2021) in their report ‘Europe’s innovation wunderkinds: The rising B2B start-up ecosystem’ state as follows, ‘Comparing different regions in Europe, we observe that the funding efficiency (revenue per total amount of funding) is indeed higher in regions of Eastern and Southern European countries, where funding is least abundant (Exhibit 2). By contrast, the largest European start-up ecosystems in Germany and France have the lowest revenue-per-funding ratios in Europe; nevertheless, they still generate about 1.5 times more revenue per dollar invested than B2B start-ups in the United States’. Eastern EU capital efficiency of B2B startups is 5.6x higher than the one of US B2B startups. Actually, the highest in Europe.

On September 23, 2021 the World Intellectual Property Organization released the 14th edition of Global Innovation Index 2021 Report.
This global report ranks 132 countries along 21 categories and 81 subcategories, such as: Business Sophistication, Knowledge and Technology Outputs, Infrastruction, Market Sophistication, etc.
The report exhibits precise ranking of all Central & South-East European countries along all categories and subcategories. However, our team inquired how CSEE countries stand compared to Western economies. This is why we traced all parameters and generated the 2 continua you can see here.

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